Back to School: trendsetter

Summer has come to an end and its time to go back to school. If your like me, its hard to wake up early and get back into the swing of the school season. If you are in a rush to get out of the house, this is the outfit for you. Its easy and you still look cute.

Become a trendsetter. Grab your favorite black skirt with a patterned top. Add a long necklace, a bracelet and your favorite black bag. Also, a cute and good way to get your hair out of your face is inย a bun. they are cute and simple and keep your hair out of your face.

What I am Wearing:

-Shirt: Khol’s

-Skirt: Forever 21

-Bag: Thrift Store

-Necklace: Red Balloon

-Bracelet: 421

-Shoes: Old Navy



I have collaborated with Sahily from Pretty in Pigment for this back to school series. Make sure to check out her blog for details on the makeup

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One Response to Back to School: trendsetter

  1. Loving that bag and of course the flip flips!

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