The Working Girl Outfit


Are you the kind of person who goes to work or school scheduling what you want to do over the weekend? I know I am! Everyday is the same old thing. You wake up, get ready, and start, yet another, long day of work. After going to the same place everyday for hours, you may start to slack off with what you wear. The key to fashion is comfort! You want to be comfortable in what you wear, but still feel like you are put together.


A staple piece to always have in your closet are DRESSES! Dresses are an easy and simple outfit that you can slip on in the morning when you are rushing to work. A black dress is a must have. you can always take a simple black dress and keep it classy, or add a pop of color with accessories or shoes.


Classic black pointed toe pumps are making their way back to every closet. They are classy, sophisticated and complete every work outfit. Not only adding a little height but also making the look sleek and pulled together.


Don’t just walk into work, Strut!




Model: Amy

*Outfit Details*

Dress: Kholes

Shoes: Traffic

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2 Responses to The Working Girl Outfit

  1. nataliejo210 says:

    I adore this article! Just started a blog and it would mean so much if you could check it out! Followed btw xx love the dress so much

  2. Marcia Mulholland says:

    I love the dress and shoes. Perfect. Great attitude!

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